my blog, enchiridion is already active since last year september. the demo version of this blog is closely coming to an end. this year, in september i plan to go from experiencing phase, to the next level. that means, for those who already signed up the newsletter, that you’ll get at least twice a month a notification, saying that there is a new post.



summary, conclusions, plan


  • in the past 10 months i’ve been searching for the right look and style of writing for my platform
  • i have a total of 11 posts, 579 visitors and over 800 views
  • the blog also has 9 comments and 14 followers, out of 8 are wordpress followers
  • most popular day: wednesday (28% of the views)
  • while blogging i managed to interact with over 15 bloggers in order to exchange ideas
  • many say they would like to read my thoughts, if they were in their mother tounge



  • it’s not the amount of posts you publish, but the meaningful content and personal invitation of the readers, that brings viewers.
    but still:
  • writing only once a month is not enough to keep the readers well engaged
  • being personal, brings more likes, comments and reposts
  • the style is okay, my english is not the best, but it improved also thanks to the blog
  • even tough, it’s a personal development and self-coaching blog, it’s good to write and post in such a way, that others also feel that the blog has something to do with them, and it’s not only a selfish experiment (it’s not, really)



  • going official  and posting at least every second week
  • give the blog more life (ex. instead of searching for the right pictures to the posts in search engines, i will ask photographer friends to suggest a photo of their own)
  • once a month i will re-post the best writing i read in the given month
  • i will write book reviews and link my goodreads account to the blog
  • i will ask photobloggers to suggest one of their own pictures for my posts
  • thanks to my friends i now have a camera of my own, so i will be able to take my own pictures for the blog


see you soon.