theological entrepreneurship – basics

q: – what is the difference between theology and geology?
a: – the difference goes from heaven to earth.

while reading the title of this post, one can be in the same situation of finding the two subjects as far from eachother as heaven to earth. what does it have to do theology -a science that is usually associated with obsolete, old and not current truths- with entrepreneurship – one of the most flourishing, new and actual field of study?

for all those sceptics, i would like to say that putting together these two words is neither a blasphemy, nor a degradation towards any of the two terms. in fact, the result is something very useful for (christian) society, built in a modern structure.

what is theological entrepreneurship? (sometimes called: social entrepreneurship)

let me explain this by some example series:
many times we find among a christian community (church visitors or non congregational believers) people struggling with finding a job, living an authentic biblical life at the workplace, bear interest of personal christian life at the workplace or find the right way to keep balance between sundays and the other days of the week. also the church is often reproached for being unable to do enough social work among the society, or for living a remote life from everyday issues and for being unable to commit church members in order to implement in practice what they learn in church events.
entrepreneurship on the other side has all the resources for making these things possible. from start-up and fundraising to team building, networking and business management up to marketing, entrepreneurship has it’s all.
it would be a win to win cooperation for both: the church can make space for a few jobs for their members, reach people and in the same time make useful work in the society, while entrepreneurship succeeds in business.

so to say, these two apparently distant fields can have a common purpose and working field.

a business with a christian background, in the society and for the society – that’s what i call theological entrepreneurship.
q: – what has theology and entrepreneurship in common?
a: – both want to do quality work in society.
(this is not a joke. just sayin’)

soc entr

Entrepreneurs do something. Theologians proclaim something.