Sometimes change can be for the birds

i like to call them rituals. routines are very effective.

“Routine” – Just saying the word sounds boring. You may not even realize it but you love routine as much as you may hate it. You love it because it is the opposite of change. it is doing something over and over again day in and day out. It allows you to avoid surprises and to become comfortable in a pattern.

There is always noise about how change is good and that the only constant happens to be change itself. There are a ton of quotes, sayings and believers of routine being the worst thing since sliced bread.While change absolutely has a place we also believe that routines do as well. We are all here because we are trying to achieve a better version of ourselves and sometimes we need to get a boost to get there. This is how a routine can help.

Routines allow us to gain efficiency and measure progress over time…

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