enchiridion is a brand i am building by writing on the blogosphere about things i experience, thoughts i have, things i read, things that influence me and with which i hope to have a positive influence on others – all in one word: blogging. but my kind of bloggin’ has it’s particular characteristics and special laws. istvanmarton posting on enchiridion is a mixture of everything that the person behind the brand is for real: a thinker with interests in/for theology, education, entrepreneurship, philosophy and society. for these are in my opinion the most important things in becoming a coach, the blog also wishes to support my naive idea of becoming once one.
so to say enchiridion
 is also a personal start-up and a self-coaching.


enchiridion is actually a personal development blog – with never excluding the possibility of being useful to others.


i invite you to take a look at your left, where you can read enchiridion – now that is where the actual blog posts are.
also, if you already took time to make this small sports exercise, just go a little further and like-share-subscribe-follow or visit any social media i am active on.


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